Angel One Digital Broking Review: Pros and Cons

Angel One is a digital broking platform from Angel Broking Limited. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, including online trading, real-time market data, and charting tools. Angel One is one of the most popular digital broking platforms in India, with over 1 million customers.



Pros: Advantages and Strengths of Angel One Broker

  1. Full-Service Brokerage at Low Costs: Angel One offers comprehensive brokerage services at a remarkably low cost, providing clients with a full range of features.
  2. Flat Brokerage Fee of ₹20 Across Segments: The broker stands out with a flat brokerage fee of just ₹20, applicable across various trading segments, making it cost-effective for investors.
  3. Free Tips on ARQ, the Robo Advisory App: Angel One provides valuable insights and tips through ARQ, its Robo advisory app, assisting users in making informed investment decisions.
  4. Free Advisory Tips for Mutual Funds and Equities: Investors benefit from free advisory tips on both mutual funds and equities, enhancing their ability to navigate the market strategically.
  5. Option to Invest in Corporate Bonds: Angel One offers the opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios by providing a platform to invest in corporate bonds.

Cons: Disadvantages that Angel One Needs to Improve Upon

  1. Trading in SME Shares Not Allowed: One limitation is the absence of trading facilities for SME shares, restricting investors from participating in this segment.
  2. No 3-in-1 Account Facility: Angel One does not offer the convenience of a 3-in-1 account, which integrates trading, demat, and bank accounts for streamlined transactions.
  3. GTC and GTT Facilities Not Available: The absence of Good Till Cancelled (GTC) and Good Till Triggered (GTT) facilities might be a drawback for investors who prefer such order types.
  4. Cost of Broker-Assisted Trades (Call and Trade): Angel One charges ₹20 per executed transaction for broker-assisted trades (call and trade), which could be a consideration for those who rely on this service.
  5. Cross-Selling Pressure from RMs: Reviews indicate a consistent issue of cross-selling pressure from Angel One’s Relationship Managers (RMs) to purchase other financial products, which may be perceived as intrusive by some clients.

Charges Review:

Despite being a full-service broker, Angel One stands out for its minimal brokerage charges. Equity delivery transactions come with no charges, while other segments have fixed charges. However, the single (Standard) plan offered incurs additional charges in the form of Pay Per Order, which may impact overall costs for users.

Customer Service Review:

Angel One provides customer support through email and call services, but there are reported delays in response times. Unfortunately, there is no option for users to raise a ticket. The platform features a virtual trading assistant named Angie, offering bot support on their website. The presence of numerous physical branches enhances accessibility for customers seeking support.

Ease of Use Review:

The trading platforms provided by Angel One are user-friendly and technologically advanced, catering to a seamless user experience. However, their mutual fund investment platform, Angel BEE, exclusively offers Regular plans.

Account Opening Procedure Review:

For individual accounts, the online account opening process with Angel One can be complex, and even a slight discrepancy in details may result in application rejection. Additionally, the online procedure requires users to send certain documents for mandatory physical verification. The offline account opening procedure is also reported to be time-consuming.

Why Choose Angel One? Know Everything about Angel One here.

Angel One stands out as a versatile choice, catering to both novice and seasoned traders with a spectrum of services. By integrating innovative trading strategies and personalized assistance, it has garnered a substantial investor base. The broker adds value to the investing experience by offering competitive rates on equity transactions, competing effectively with discount brokers.

For Traders:

  • Daily Technical & Derivative Reports: Angel One provides these reports at no additional cost, aiding traders in making informed decisions.
  • Flat Brokerage on Intra-day and Derivatives Trading: The broker offers a flat brokerage rate for intra-day and derivatives trading, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Loans Against Shares: Traders have the option to avail loans against their shares, providing liquidity and flexibility in their trading activities.

For Investors:

  • Free Equity Delivery Brokerage: Angel One offers free brokerage for equity delivery transactions, making it an attractive option for long-term investors.
  • Research Reports: Investors benefit from research reports that assist in making well-informed investment decisions.
  • Knowledge Center: The broker provides a dedicated knowledge center for investor education, empowering users with valuable insights.
  • ARQ (Angel One’s AI-based Investment Advisory Software): This tool leverages artificial intelligence for stock and mutual fund recommendations, aiming for returns that outperform market indices.

Trading Tools:

Angel One provides a suite of tools catering to various investor needs:

1. Angel Speed Pro:

  • Downloadable trading software for desktop or laptop.
  • Single-user interface for multiple market segments.
  • Live market prices, instant order execution, and real-time monitoring.
  • Downloadable live market data and instructional demo videos.

2. Angel One Trade:

  • Web-based online trading platform.
  • Multiple portfolio management, up-to-date market information, and news.
  • Advanced stock screener and interactive charts.

3. Angel One App:

  • Mobile app with ARQ integration.
  • Portfolio monitoring, interactive technical charts, and watchlists.
  • Instant market news updates, price alerts, and comprehensive financial analysis.

4. Angel ARQ (Investment Advisory Tool):

  • Tech-based investment advisory engine.
  • Personalized stock recommendations based on user risk preferences.
  • Identifies market entry and exit points, recommending up to 15 stocks.

Angel One’s commitment to providing diverse tools and services positions it as a comprehensive platform for both trading and investment needs.

Charges Details

For Equity 

Transaction Charges0.00325% – NSE0.00325% – NSE0.00190% – NSE0.05% – NSE
GST18% on Brokerage + Transaction18% on Brokerage + Transaction18% on Brokerage + Transaction18% on Brokerage + Transaction
STT0.1% On Both Buy & Sell0.025% Only On Sell.0.0125% Only On Sell.0.625% Only On Sell (On Premium)
SEBI Charges₹ 10 per crore₹ 10 per crore₹ 10 per crore₹ 10 per crore

For Commodity 

Transaction ChargesGroup A – 0.0026%
Group B – 0.00005%
0.05% On Premium Value
GST18% on Brokerage + Transaction18% on Brokerage + Transaction
CTTSell-side, 0.01% for Non AgriSell-side, 0.05%
SEBI ChargesAgri – ₹ 1 per crore; Non Agri – ₹ 10 per crore₹ 10 per crore

For Currency 

Transaction Charges0.0009% – NSE
0.00022% – BSE
0.0035% – NSE
0.001% – BSE
GST18% on Brokerage + Transaction18% on Brokerage + Transaction
SEBI Charges₹ 10 per crore₹ 10 per crore
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