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Immediate Ban Imposed on Serving Food Wrapped in Newspapers: FSSAI

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has imposed an immediate ban on the serving of meals wrapped in newspapers. The ban was imposed after it turn out to be decided that the ink applied in newspapers can comprise risky chemical compounds that could leach into the food and make it unsafe for consumption.

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  • The FSSAI has also warned consumers closer to using newspapers to wrap or save food. The company has stated that newspapers are made of recycled paper, which may additionally comprise metallic contaminants and harmful chemical compounds.
  • The ban on serving meals wrapped in newspapers is a welcome pass via the FSSAI. Newspapers are not supposed for meals touch, and the usage of them to wrap or keep meals can pose a important health risk.
  • Consumers should be aware about the dangers of the usage of newspapers to wrap or keep food and should keep away from doing so in any respect charges. If you ought to wrap meals, use food-grade packaging substances which may be secure for contact with meals.

Here are some suggestions for secure food handling:

  • Always wash your hands very well with cleaning cleaning soap and water earlier than managing meals.
  • Clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces, which consist of reducing boards, countertops, and utensils.
  • Keep uncooked meat, fowl, and seafood cut loose cooked ingredients and different geared up-to-consume food.
  • Cook meals to a safe inner temperature.
  • Refrigerate food right away after cooking or serving.
  • Do now not reuse meals that has been unnoticed for greater than hours.

By following these hints, you may assist to shield yourself and your circle of relatives from foodborne infection.

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