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Studying Abroad in New Zealand – 7 Things to Know

Are you planning to study abroad in New Zealand? It a perfect time to enroll for masters and Ph.D. study abroad in New Zealand. You can select any program you interested ranging from summer, semester, and full-year exchange, to short-term multi-country travel and study experiences.

Once you decide to study in New Zealand you need to get familiar with their cultural history, an indigenous language, ecology, and local social and political issues of the country. You need to absorbed KiWi life to adjust their environment. You can take local classes to learn about or get all detail from your fellow students or any family member, friend.

If at the end of your semester, you want to stick around for awhile, you can also apply for a working holiday visa in either New Zealand or Australia and spend up to a year working

Things You must know about NewZealand

1. You’ll Need to Pack for Chilly Weather:- Newzeland has chilled weather across the year sometimes its low as the 50s to low 70s.

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2. Getting a Maori Tattoo Might Be Offensive:- A person with tattoo called moko and Kiwi look that person as knowledge holder of the tribe’s traditions, rituals, and language.

3. There Are Only 8 Universities in New Zealand:- Across two island there are only 8 universities in the country.

4. The Cities Are Bustling:- Wellington is capital of New Zealand and all government headquarters, big businesses, universities, and cultural hubs are located centrally.

5. You Can Enjoy New Zealand Without Breaking the Bank:- Prime cities are expensive but Auckland and Wellington have many cultural events, festivals, and oftentimes discounted student entrance fees to museums.

6. Get Ready for a Different Type of BBQ:-  If you love BBQ then you like Kiwi cuisine. They have healthy, organic, and tasty food.

7. Kiwis Take Rugby Seriously:- Yes, it’s a great way to connect people. so get information about rugby. you should know in which moment you should cheers or boo.

Updated: June 1, 2018 — 8:45 pm
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